How Do I Get Involved?

MICA is an organization made up of 100% volunteers; parents, friends, students, school administrators, teachers and more! That's right, without our volunteers we're nothing. Those who volunteer receive training to perform the various tasks within the organization and while we may have different roles, we all have a common goal; to inspire creativity in our youth, encourage them to take educated risks and use teamwork to uniquely solve fun challenges.

Open Board of Directors roles!

MICA has immediate open position on our Board of Directors, listed below. An application must be filled out, please contact for a link to the application. Click on a link to see its job description

What roles need to be filled?

Quite simply, every role. Many hands make the load light and we can always use extra hands. Here are just some of the volunteer roles available within the Michigan Creativity Association.

  • Teams
  • Team Managers
  • Program Coordinators
  • Tournament Appraisers
  • Tournament Helpers
  • Regional Directors
  • Regional Challenge Masters
  • Affiliate Challenge Masters
  • Affiliate Board Members

Catching the Volunteer Spirit!

Who can join? Anyone! Your school, PTA, gifted program, Community Ed or after school program, home school group, YMCA or YWCA, Scouting programs, 4H, community organization, your family anyone up for a challenge and fun!  Simply go to and purchase a team number. If you are interested in supporting the DI program in other ways, consider donating to MICA, or volunteering to work at a tournament or other event by sending a message below!

Volunteer Your Facility!

In addition to personally volunteering, MICA is always looking for NO or LOW cost facilities in which to hold training sessions, team building activities and tournaments. If you have a facility, we'd love to talk to you.