MICA is an organization of trained volunteers (parents, friends, students, school administrators, teachers and more) whose goal is to inspire creativity in our youth, encourage them to take educated risks and use teamwork to uniquely solve fun challenges. We are proud to again sponsor Michigan Destination Imagination (MI-DI) for the 2016-17 Program Year.

Destination Imagination is the world's largest creative problem-solving program and competition for kindergarten through college-aged students, going strong in 50 states and over 40 countries. Teams of up to 7 members work collaboratively to solve one of six different Challenges, which they perform in front of appraisers at tournaments. DI participants develop life skills while solving challenges through their unique hands-on experiences in the sciences, technology, mechanics, engineering, theater, improvisation, goal setting, time and budget management, team building, and leadership. The ultimate goal of Destination Imagination is to teach participants that through their creativity, teamwork, perseverance and a little bit of Duct Tape, they can develop creative solutions to complex problems completely on their own!

Who can join?

Anyone! Your school, PTA, gifted program, Community Ed or after school program, home school group, YMCA or YWCA, Scouting programs, 4H, community organization, your family - anyone up for a challenge and fun! Simply go to Destination Imagination and purchase a team number.