Media for all camps will be availible once we have all the media pulled off all the devices we used to take pictures

Camp Create gave our younger participants a chance to complete several mini challenges. There was a challenge for each of the challenge areas. The kids made and raced little paddle boats out of wood. They had a structure challenge. They built a boat that held a creature that they made in the costume area. The kids were also able to paint rocks, scavenger hunt for Pokemon. They even had a chance to complete a Breakout Room and Instant Challenges.

This year we hosted 24 awesome kids! The kids all participated in an Extreme Boat challenge, where they used recycled materials to build a boat that one of their team members had to navigate through a maze during a performance! They also all had tons of fun with a daily Instant challenge, breakout challenges, learned the fundamentals of Improv, exploring different technology (including Ozobot, circuit boards, and Osmo for the iPads), and a Pokemon/Star Wars scavenger hunt. All while earning points to purchase more materials for their boats.

Along with the activities above they also went on a nature walk, kayaked and canoed, swimming, and performed in a talent show!